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Logitech Rally Mic Pod Hub

Logitech Rally Mic Pod Hub

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Neat and tidy

Don't want messy cables running across the tables? The Rally Mic Pod Hub is the perfect solution for this. Ensure a tidy, professional meeting room with this cable solution from Logitech that has three connections for multiple Mic Pods.

Rally Mic Pod Hubs offer the flexibility to customise microphone placement to virtually any meeting table. As an alternative to linking Mic Pods together via a daisy chain, the Rally Mic Pod Hub offers three connections that support any combination of Mic Pods or additional hubs. Hardware mounted under the table helps hide cables to create a sleek look.

Any table shape
Eliminate messy cabling on conference tables. With three connections for multiple Mic Pods, the Rally Mic Pod Hub cleans up cabling, keeping Mic Pods within easy reach of attendees.

Hidden cabling
Through grommets to hubs allow cables to be neatly hidden under tables, but still connected. This keeps audio cables out of sight, giving a professional look.

The Rally Mic Pod Hub allows you to connect any Mic Pod via a single cable. When meeting participants want to move a Mic Pod to increase table space or place the mute button within easy reach, they can do so without having to pull adjacent Mic Pods. Unlike systems that require fixed microphone positions, the RightSound™ Mic Matrix calibrates 125 times per second for consistent echo cancellation, noise reduction and beamforming performance.
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About this product

General specifications

Product specifications

Dimensions: 16 mm x 102 mm x 102 mm (HxWxD)
Three 12-pin connectors for any combination of Rally Mic Pods or additional Rally Mic Pod Hubs
Mounting kit for under-table mounting

Suitable for the following room(s):

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The perfect setup for any room

Logitech's most advanced all-in-one video bar for small conference rooms and huddle spaces. The Google measurement kit is simple and versatile, with studio-quality audio and video and AI-enhanced controls.

Take your meetings to a new level

Logitech Room Solutions for Google Meet offer everything you need for video meetings. This kit has a smart 4K camera that ensures everyone is in view and backlighting is remedied. With a separate microphone and speaker box for clean sound on both sides.

Google License

Google Workspace or G Suite licence required on your domain to use Google Meet hardware. Google offers a free 30-day trial of Google Workspace to new users who buy Google Meet, after which a paid subscription is required.
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