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Logitech Rally Mic Pod

Logitech Rally Mic Pod

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Good looks meet great sound

With an elegant design and high quality, the Rally Mic Pod gives a clear, natural and cozy sound. Individual Mic Pods contain multiple beam-forming elements that target active speakers while automatically eliminating acoustic distractions. Up to seven Mic Pods work together to create great audio coverage for everyone in larger meeting rooms.

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General specifications

Product specifications

Hear every voice clearly

With RightSound™ technology and multiple beam forming elements in each individual Mic Pod, the audio focus is always automatically on the active speaker. A single Mic Pod provides coverage for six to 10 people. Larger meeting rooms can be set up with up to seven Mic Pods working together to receive and transmit clear audio for everyone at the table.

RightSound: automatically picks the right microphone

Simplified cabling

Up to seven Rally Mic Pods can be linked in a daisy chain with a single cable connection to the Rally Table Hub. For U-shaped tables or single-wire cabling via grommets, the Rally Mic Pod Hub offers three connectors for optimal positioning and to put the mute button within easy reach.

Elegant and surprisingly small

Rally Mic Pods are elegant and surprisingly small with remarkable range and sensitivity. RightSound™ suppresses background noise by applying acoustic echo and noise reduction, non-slip pads under the Mic Pods help isolate the microphones from table vibration (such as typing on a keyboard). Advanced materials resist fingerprints and smudges. In addition, a red LED on top of each Mic Pod provides visual confirmation when muted sound is present.

Good sound

RightSound™ special technologies that ensure you don't have to raise your voice to be heard. Rally Mic Pod listens to every voice, not just the loudest, so you can also hear those sitting further away or who have a softer voice. The Rally Table Hub switches between acoustic beams up to 125 times per second to smoothly capture the most vivid conversations.

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The perfect setup for any room

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Take your meetings to a new level

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Google License

Google Workspace or G Suite licence required on your domain to use Google Meet hardware. Google offers a free 30-day trial of Google Workspace to new users who buy Google Meet, after which a paid subscription is required.
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