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How licences work

If you purchase one of our Google Hardware devices, you must have at least one licence to use any Google service. This is because with this licence you will have access to all Google Workspace applications, Essentials and Cloud identity.

— Business starter

— Business standard

— Business plus

Google Workspace Licences

Google Workspace, (formerly G-suite) is Google's new collaborative workspace. Thanks to group chats, excellent video conferencing and applications, you can collaborate anywhere in the world, even from home. All your files and folders are kept in a safe place that you can easily access yourself via secure access from your computer, laptop, tablet, or Google hardware.

Google Workspace has subscriptions for large and small companies, for private use and schools. Presis is a reseller of licences and Google hardware, so we are one of the few resellers who deliver throughout Europe. We offer support for business and private use of the licences and hardware purchased from us.

Business Starter Licence
This licence allows for video conferencing for up to 100 people. In addition, you get 30 GB of cloud storage per user and all security and administrator features.

The Business Standard Licence
Video conferencing is possible for up to 250 participants. In which you get the additional feature (in addition to Start and Standard features) where you can track participation. With this you get 5 TB of cloud/Drive storage per user, with the functionalities of Start and Standard) With the additional feature that you get Google Vault included, and a super-admin user for the Google Workspace management for advanced endpoint management.

The Business Plus licence
This licence allows video conferencing for up to 150 people. In which you get the option of multiple features in Google Hangouts itself; such as Moderation features and breakout rooms. In addition, you get 2 TB of cloud storage per user and shared Cloud/Drive with security and administrator features.

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